Thermo Slim is a 2 section blanket especially designed to be used in thalasso centers, but it is very practical for beauty salons too.
Different section sizes
A large section which covers from chest to knees, especially designed for seaweed wraps. This aids the penetration into the skin of the oligo-elements present in the algae.
A small section which covers the legs, designed to promote comfort and well-being. This section can be switched off independently if varicous veins are present.

Every section has 3 different outputs adjustable separately.
For safety, Thermo Slim is equipped with a timer.

Equipped with an ergonomically designed control box, setting of outputs is done by colour selection: green for low output, yellow for medium output, red for full output (light off = section off). Sections are supplied by only one cable to make easy handling.


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– Portable instrument
– Easy to install and operate
– Easy to use

– Heating zones: 2
– Dimensions: 1.54 x 1.70m
– Maximum output: 250W
– Supply: 115V or 230V
– Colour: silver
– Applicable Standards :
IEC60335-1 & IEC60335-2-17
– Warranty: 1 year

An incredible investment
Thermo Slim is the only 2 section blanket in the beauty/ SPA field and its price makes it the most affordable multisection blanket on the market. A therapist does not have to be present during treatment, as one therapist can look after several clients at the same time.
Thermo Slim has a 1 year warranty

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