Our new LIPOFIT treatment is a great example of a connection between natural ingredients? with science?
Instead of bandages, there is a biodegradable fibre matrix 
Some of the ingredients are:
GLAUCINE – derived from yellow poppy seed plants
– reduces fat cell production and makes them smaller
– encourages the fat cells to release stored fat /lipolysis/, and starts to produce collagen instead. There is similar to what happens in weight-loss when fat cells turn to muscle.
reduces water retention and helps reduce inflammation.
Is also used in some diet pills for weight-loss.
TRIPEPTIDE 41 acts by cell communication, stimulating the synthesis of messenger molecules.
– It’s essential in lipolytic treatment, encouraging the degradation of the lipids in the fatty acids and glycerol, as a result reducing the storage of fat.
– It causes lipogenesis to decrease and promotes lipolysis.



This intensive slimming kit with lipolytic effect was designed especially for a problematic area – the belly. Thanks to the concentrates containing a special molecular synthesis which works fast and focuses on adipocytes by activating their metabolism, it effectively shapes your waist and reduces belly fat. The AROSHA LIPOFIT KIT includes: Spray: 1 glycolic acid | 50 ml Phase 1 Gel: 4 adipoSlim (warming up) | 20 ml Phase 2 Gel: 4 adipoLess (cooling) | 20 ml Bandages: 4 lipoSolve | 125 ml


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