.250 RE-HYDRA | Hydrating and rebalancing treatment

The new line of Arosha products is designed to act effectively against problems related to skin dehydration. It was inspired by the art of Saho, the ancient Japanese beauty ritual. The very light and impalpable textures combine and expertly overlap to precisely create different of layers that nourish, seal and protect the skin. It consists of three products characterized by a selection of active ingredients that work with a double mechanism of action: from the inside it reinforces the barrier function and promotes the generation of NMF (natural hydration factor of the skin), from the outside it creates a protective film which reduces the evaporation of water. Starting from the first treatment, the skin is be visibly hydrated, plumped, brighter and more elastic.

Nº 10 .251 HYDRA MASK

Very dehydrated skin
Dull and matte skin
Skin in need of regeneration

Hydrated and luminous skin
Soft and smooth skin
Regenerated skin
Protected skin

.250 RE-HYDRA | Hydrating and rebalancing treatment

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1 – Cleanse face, neck and décolleté with .153 CLEANSING CREAM;
2 – Apply .154 TONIC LOTION on face, neck and décolleté with a cotton pad, rubbing gently;
3 – Proceed with a compress of hot cloths for 1 minute on the whole face, neck and décolleté.
4 – Apply the entire contents of a sachet of .251 HYDRA MASK on face, neck and décolleté. Leave on for 5 minutes and then massage with circular movements for 5 minutes more. Proceed to remove the mask, first by moistening the fingertips with warm water and continuing to massage, finally, removing the product with damp cloths.
5 – Apply 10 drops of .252 HYDRA ESSENCE on the face and 10 drops on the neck and décolleté, gently dabbing until completely
absorbed. Leave to dry for a few seconds before proceeding with the application of the serum.
6 – Apply 1 pipette of .252 HYDRA SERUM on each half of the face, 1 on the neck and 1 more on the décolleté, massaging delicately until completely absorbed. In this phase, the product is designed to also be conveyed with ultrasound or radiofrequency.
7 – Conclude the treatment by applying one of the following AROSHA creams, depending on the client’s skin type: .254 EXTRA NOURISHING CREAM TEXTURE RICH (dry skin), .255 EXTRA NOURISHING CREAM TEXTURE LIGHT (skin fat), .256 REGENERIST (sensitive and fragile skin) massaging until completely absorbed.
The kit contains 10 treatments for 10 clients.
The treatment can be offered to clients of any age, at any time of the year including summer, and is suitable for all skin types,
including sensitive and reactive ones.
It’s reccomended to perform the treatment in combination and following .150 PURITY, during the same session.
Complete instructions are included in the kit and on the next page.
Each component of the kit is dermatologically tested, even for sensitive and fragile skin.


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