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Exclusive pack for the home treatment of localized fat deposits on the abdomen, hips and waistline.
It is composed of AROSHA Bodyslim, a hydrogel transdermal PATCH to use combined with a LIPOLYTIC, SLIMMING and VASOACTIVE cream.


  • reduction of centimetres in selected parts of the body
  • reduction of cellulite
  • reduction of oedema
  • firming of the skin
  • immediately shaping effect
  • improvement of microcirculation and basal metabolic rate
  • feeling of micro-massage Microcirculation improvement Change of body shape
Think back to that moment that you felt beautiful and light as a feather.
Nothing was limiting you. Your inner beauty was proof of your inner strength.
Well, do you miss it?! Take up the challenge!
Now, you have all the opportunities to start the transformation process.

The skin appears firmer and smoother from the first application. Regular use and combination with recommended products can help increase the effect. The ideal treatment to use throughout the year for women.

Who can use it?

  • women  during the slimming programme
  • people who want to firm the skin
  • people who want to reduce inches of selected body areas
  • people who want to get rid of water retention
  • people who expect quick results

Main ingredients of body patch

  • Bitter Orange – drains and tones the skin, lipolysis booster
  • Caffeine – stimulates and burns adipose tissue, helps to eliminate cellulite
  • Ginkgo Biloba – strengthens the connective tissue, firms the skin
  • Green Tea – smooths the skin and eliminate cellulite
  • The TDS (transdermal delivery system) – guarantees gradual and continuous release of active ingredients for up to 8 hrs

Arosha Bodyslim
what it's so unique?

Dermofibra® Bodysuit whose fibres with bio-infrared give slimming and shaping effect.
It helps to reduce waist circumference thanks to stimulating microcirculation giving an immediate result of a changed body shape.
By stimulating microcirculation, the innovative Dermofibra® fibres improve the appearance of the skin and help relax muscle tension.

How to use?

  1. Apply the patch in the evening

  2. In the morning apply Lipolytic cream

  3. Use body patch two to three times a week

  4. Use Lipolytic cream daily


Innovative hydrogel body patch with immediate re-shaping and slimming effect lasting up to 8 hours from application. It's easy application and butterfly shape ensure seamless sticking to the treatment body areas (abdomen, hips, “love handles”) and immediate slimming action. Enjoy the second skin effect that lasts for the entire application time. Its 360-degree action on skin tissues is provided by caffeine and a mix of plant extracts with draining and firming effect. The slow release patented formulation uses a valuable technology, the Transdermal Delivery System, that guarantees a gradual and continuous release of functional components up to 8 hours.


The cosmetic treatment with DRONE™ technology is perfect to treat localized fat deposits and re-shape the waist, abdomen and hips. The innovative system for active principle delivery, the COSMETIC DRONE™, is a highly SPECIFIC and SELECTIVE method that ensures a targeted and effective action to fight imperfections and localized fat deposits. The cream effectiveness is guaranteed by the synergy of slimming active components with a thermoactive ingredient (VBE) that contributes to increasing the basal metabolic rate and improves microcirculation. Clinical tests have shown a reduction in the abdomen circumference and volume*. Dermatologically tested.

Booster Lipolytic - 50% off
Lipolityc 50ml - free

Innovative hydrogel body patch with immediate re-shaping and slimming effect for a body fit care lasting up to 8 hours from application.

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highly recommended patch, amazing result with systematic use, very comfortable during the night, perfect for anybody who want to reduce centimetres in the belly area. love it , try it !!!
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Idealny produkt !!! Motylek super rozgrzewa przez noc ❤️ A krem jest kontynuacją pracy motylka. Dawno nie byłam 5ak zadowolona z produktu .Polecam w 100%
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I decided to try Arosha body patch. It was a great decision. I apply it per night (3 times in a week) and simply remove in the morning. I combined it with Lipolytic cream, which is fantastic too. I can see that I have less fat on my tummy, and I can’t believe that it can be so easy!

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