Original Arosha therapies use innovative, clinically tested bandages soaked with a combination of active ingredients.

Non-invasive treatments slim, drain, shape, firm the body and efficiently reduce cellulite.
The results are instantly visible! They are supplemented by an advanced home care.woman-body-treatment-2

The original Arosha therapy includes 8-10 treatments performed 1-2 a week. Before commencing the series of treatments, a professional will have a consultation with the patient in order to select an individual body treatment programme. We are using a professional method of identifying and classifying cellulite with a cellulite detector – a contact thermography system (protected by an international patent), which enables to detect and classify the thermal signs of cellulite.

It helps to locate with high accuracy the areas which require more attention and intense care. Then, a professional will measure the parts of the body that will be treated and the results are recorded in the client data sheet. Each treatment consists of 5 stages, starting with brushing – dry scrubbing with Arosha brush whose bristle is made from Tampico plant fibre. Scrubbing with Arosha brush perfectly exfoliates dead skin, which helps to better absorb the active ingredients in the bandages and makes the treatment more effective. Intense and skilful body brushing improves circulation, reduces cellulite, detoxifies the body, firms and smoothes the skin and even reduces stress. Also, glycolic acid scrub helps to get rid of dead skin.

Ampoules with active ingredients selected individually for a given problem are then applied followed by wrapping with single-use bandages soaked with active ingredients – additionally the body is wrapped tightly in foil. When the bandages are removed, the treatment is finished with applying an appropriate emulsion. Easy Slim Programme is an effective method – you can measure the results in centimeters!

Arosha UK Results

Even after the first treatment with the bandages you can observe a loss of up to 5 cm in circumference and a significant improvement of the skin’s condition: more tight, smooth, nourished and firm. Recommended series of 8 treatments performed in a beauty salon together with home care will significantly improve the appearance of the body, especially legs, tummy, buttocks, shoulders, neckline or bust.

Thanks to the Arosha method, you will also get a beautiful and firm bust without surgical intervention and scalpel. Treatments using bandages are a perfect supplement to the programmes with high-class body shaping equipment, which helps to improve the results, e.g. the original combination of bandaging treatment with Arosha LX9 pressotherapy. Pressotherapy is a very effective draining and shaping treatment that leads to reduction in body circumferences. It’s a specialist pressing massage using a device equipped with a special overall consisting of chambers which fill with air in an appropriate order as well as with speed and strength individually adapted to a patient.

This technique also relaxes, comforts, relieves pain and reduces the effect of stress and fatigue. It is also beneficial for cardiovascular and lymphatic system. The aim of this treatment is to improve circulation of blood and lymph, which leads to reduction in body circumferences, slimming, smoothing, oxidation, cellulite reduction and general improvement of the condition of the skin. Active ingredients concentrate on draining, orange-peel skin reduction, improving firmness of the skin and speeding up burning of fat tissue.



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