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Try Arosha on yourself. See the results yourself. It’s the best way to start new treatments in your beauty salon and achieve amazing effects.

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Perform the treatment with an Arosha starter kit!

Be sure to measure your circumferences before the procedure.

Step 1
Perform dry body brushing – watch the video.

Step 2
Apply Glycolic Spray for 3 minutes, and wash it off with damp muslin cloth or towel.

Step 3
Apply Arosha ampoule focusing on most problematic areas of the body.

Step 4
Prepare a small bowl with warm water and place a pack of bandages in it. After 2 minutes open the package and lightly squeeze the bandages to drain excess fluid. Now you can start bandaging the body. Remember to start bandaging from the ankles upwards, do not stretch the bandage and wrap not too tightly – see the picture of how to bandage the body correctly. Apply the rest of the fluid to the bandages on the most problematic areas of the body. Wrap yourself in cling foil and rest per 30 minutes. If you have an Arosha thermal blanket or Arosha pressotherapy device, you can use it.

Step 5
Remove bandages and apply finishing cream/gel.

What results can you expect after just one treatment?

  • reduced oedema
  • significant hydration
  • visible firming
  • skin smoothing
  • reduced circumferences


Arosha treatment combined with a thermal blanket and pressotherapy device can let double effects! Use the starter kit – perform a course of 8 treatments, twice per week. 

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

Be sure!

Each kit includes instructions for use. Arosha is very easy to use with outstanding results.


Only £150.00





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