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  • I wish I had a flat tummy
  • I don’t want cellulite
  • I want to lose weight in a healthy way
  • My skin lost its firmness
  • I want to have firm buttocks and breasts
  • I want to regain my figure after giving birth

If these are your dreams- you are in the right place!

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Hello my dear friend! Welcome to the Arosha world!

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What does Arosha stand for?

Arosha has been an Italian brand specialised in body treatments for 20 years. Over 20 thousand beauty salons worldwide have introduced Arosha treatments so far! The treatments are very easy, noninvasive and incredibly efficient. They slim, drain, shape, firm body and reduce completely cellulite.

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Original Arosha therapies use innovative, tested clinically wraps soaked in a combination of active components (over 70 different ones) – ready to use treatment kits!

In its offer Arosha has together over 300 incredible products, however in the heart of the company are professional body treatments, home care, supplements as well as organic face products.

How does a treatment work?

The original Arosha therapy includes 8-9 treatments, performed in a beauty salon once or twice a week.

The treatments begins with dry brushing of the body using Arosha brush. Check what’s the world hottest Arosha product in the market.

The body should be first well prepared, wrapped up in a single wrap, soaked in selected Arosha wraps.

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Become Arosha expert of body treatments!

We can teach you step by step how to perform efficiently Arosha treatments. We invite you to join our accredited courses. Remember! We guarantee you total support after the course too!

See the treatment results!

You can even get 8 inches less in your abdominal circumference after one Arosha treatment! You can also eliminate lymphatic edema already after one treatment! What’s more your skin can get more firm and smooth just after one treatment!

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