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HYALURON-3 SERUM 30ml + Pochette 30 %Off

Precious and innovative formulation based on hyaluronic acid.
This serum contains 3 different types of hyaluronic acid with different chemical structures and molecular weights for a triple effect

VITAMIN C 20gr 40 %Off

Cosmetic skin powder with 90% Vitamin C and 3% of Kojic acid to provide brightness to all skin types. In particular it is able to improve the texture and look of photo-aged and/or acne-prone skin providing an excellent improvement of skin colour uniformity.



Eva: I love it!!!


Eliza: Amazing brush !!! I used to massage my belly during pregnancy. After giving birth, the belly without stretch marks. I would like to add that I used the stretch marks cream after each massage. I recommend ❤️


Paleczka: Amazing result after the first use. Skin feels like silk, muscle are relax , brushing body everyday is helping stimulate metabolism.
I love it.


Aneta: I love this brush for dry peeling.

the best brush I’ve ever had !!!!!!!!

Beatrice: The best brush I’ve ever had !!!!!!!!

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